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Welcome aboard to the complete disclaimer of terms and conditions and privacy policy for the software AutoLikes IG. This platform strives to make a compatible user experience with utmost credibility and ease of access to buy automatic Instagram likes and comments.

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*Have a read of the listed below terms and conditions for a better grasp of the software.

General Policy

The available Instagram services provided by AutoLikes IG are bound to some terms and conditions for better user assistance. By registering or using, or ordering any of our services. You are agreeing with the terms and conditions of AutoLikes IG. We shall presume that the user has fully understood/ read the following policies. Henceforth, AutoLikes Instagram will not be liable to any of the loss of users that AutoLikes IG does not cover.

AutoLikes IG advises its users to read the listed terms and conditions properly before pursuing the services. This agreement legally binds the user to the following terms of service provided at the site of AutoLikes IG.

AutoLikes IG reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions to deliver more safe and convenient Instagram services. Any type of modification in terms and conditions may not hamper the serviceability of the software.

Subscription Terms And Condition
This service is solely for personal use and does not support multiple Instagram profiles at once. The user needs to subscribe separately for another Instagram profile to avail of its services.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees not to make copies or distribute documents or materials. That got downloaded to the user’s system to provide ease of functionality.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees to be comfortable fetching all their Instagram profile data for effortless order delivery.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees to get no refunds after the completion of the order or service.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees to partially hand over the access of their Instagram profile to the trusted team of AutoLikes IG to buy automatic Instagram likes and comments, depending upon the subscription package.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees to be comfortable with the slight automation of their Instagram profile in order to draw out organic followers, likes, views, and comments.
In AutoLikes IG, other clients are not treated as organic engagement substitutes.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees not to download any copyrighted material without clearance.
By subscribing to this service, the user agrees - not to develop third-party sites through this software. In case any such activity gets identified by the AutoLikes IG team, the user will get a fair warning followed by banning on the site.
AutoLikes IG may terminate the user's access to the site upon noticing a series of policy violations without any cause or notice, which may result in immediate destruction of their AutoLikes IG account and all information associated with them. In this case, we do not guarantee the loss of engagement in previous orders.
Service Policy

AutoLikes IG shall only be used to buy ig likes, comments, saves, impressions, comments, and followers for one social profile of Instagram. The platform does not commit to the fact that the new followers will interact with the user. The user will only get the services they have paid for.

AutoLikes IG shall not guarantee that the new followers or the profiles that engage with the user’s post will have a display picture, complete bio, or uploaded pictures.

The users are strictly advised to keep their Instagram profile ‘public’ while pursuing AutoLikes IG for effortless order delivery. Any inconvenience due to a private account will not be entertained nor will be liable to the software of AutoLikes IG.

Refund Policy

Our new refund policy states that AutoLikes IG will only process the refunds when they have applied within thirty days from the zero hour. The user can reach out to the software support team of AutoLikes IG by raising a ticket or writing an email. The only requirement of filing for the refund is that the user submits the request within thirty days, regardless of the order activation or malfunction concerns.

Moreover, AutoLikes IG shall not be held responsible for the payment made by stolen credit cards or payment details. Neither does the platform support any fraudulent activity that is prohibited under the applicable law. Upon facing such an issue – Kindly visit our Support page and raise a ticket.

Privacy Policy
What Information Do AutoLikes IG Collect?

AutoLikes IG collects the core information that might help us connect with you and identify your Instagram account. Apart from that, AutoLikes IG collects the cookie information that the user enables us to.

AutoLikes IG collects the following information from their clients.

Contact details that the user provides. For example, email.
The username of your Instagram account.
Cookies that contain the user's web surfing behavior.
How Does AutoLikes IG Use That Information?

AutoLikes IG is committed to providing the best user experience in terms of accessibility and data security. And hence the software strives to use the provided information to excel its services and credibility of the platform.

Contact Information: To reach out to the user for advertising purposes and inform rather crucial details regarding their orders.
Username: To identify the correct address to deliver the orders.
Cookies: To personalize the user experience of the user.
How Long Does AutoLikes IG Keep The Information Of Any User?

Whenever the user approaches AutoLikes IG, its database saves necessary details of those users to facilitate future deals with them. And those details are saved in the database for as long as they can.

Well! AutoLikes IG goes through server issues from time to time. So minor or major data loss can take place during those times. However! Apart from that, AutoLikes IG aspires to keep the data of past users and potential users fresh in their database.

How Do Hyperlinks Of Other Sites In AutoLikes IG Affect Its Users?

The site of AutoLikes IG may contain links to other websites of interest. However, AutoLikes IG does not have any control over the content of that other website, nor does it endorse them. They are only provided to facilitate the journey of the user through the content we exhibit on the site of AutoLikes IG.

And hence, AutoLikes IG is not bound to be responsible for the protection and privacy of information you provide while visiting such sites. Such sites are not governed by this privacy statement. AutoLikes IG advises its users to exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

Changes To This Agreement

AutoLikes IG has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. When it happens, it is not necessarily important to affect the user experience negatively. However, if the user is not convinced with the terms of use, they can cancel or stop using the services provided by AutoLikes IG anytime.

The user can frequently check the site to perceive any updates in the terms and conditions and privacy policy that AutoLikes IG offers. However, the agile team of this platform may likely notify its user regarding the updates in the agreement.


The site of AutoLikes IG contains information that is solely owned and licensed by us, AutoLikes IG. The registered office of this software is Florina Greece. This software reserves the right to modify the agreements or the services of the platform to the trusted team of AutoLikes IG.

All the intellectual properties are reserved by the owner of the platform itself. The user may access the tools and services provided on the site of AutoLikes IG, which are subjected to the restrictions of the above terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions of AutoLikes IG do not exclude or limit the liability of its users or itself for any fraudulent activity or misinterpretation. Limitations set by this agreement also say that the AutoLikes IG does not exclude the liabilities of itself and its users that are not permitted under the law of user’s geolocation. The site of AutoLikes IG does not promise to keep the content of its website up-to-date.

This agreement shall start from this date.