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AutolikesIG Affiliate Network: Today’s Leads Tomorrows Profits

Created for brands, advertisers, & influencers that want to leverage and streamline partner connections. Earn a commission through our referral program- The Easiest Way To Get Paid All Year!

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You may find enrolling in Affiliate programs exhausting but, AutolikesIG Affiliate will make your process promisingly stress-free in just 3 easy steps

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Click on the “Enroll Now“ button on the dashboard.
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Fill in your personal details, banking details & wait for your approval.
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Affiliate Services

Join hands with AutolikesIG and enjoy the privileges with the following services.

Easy-to-use Interface
A quick glance at the dashboard can reveal your network’s overall performance and allow you to manage clients using precise data points for accurate attribution. Plus, from their individual dashboard, affiliates may quickly view their statistics and share the referral link
Track Your Earnings
As a top-notch affiliate marketing agency, our portal presents comprehensive reports of your earnings that deliver rich, granular data that you can use to understand, manage and improve your results
Get Client Insights
To ensure the utmost results from our strategies, we offer our users to curate all client’s payments with the profile name, kind of payment, amount, and profile id, offering you a clearer and clearer picture of your program and how well it is performing.
Effortless Enrollment
Unlike other affiliate programs, AutolikesIG Affiliate offers a simple and effortless enrollment process allowing users to get the most out of their Affiliate Marketing experience and see their program operate exceptionally well
Social Sharing
Maximise your earnings by generating your affiliate link with one single click and share across multiple social media platforms and experience a 5X increase in revenue with AutolikesIG
Payments Made Easy
The merchant can set commission type for the affiliate & all payments can transfer automatically to the promoters. So, the affiliate can skip the hustle of delays in payments
Rated 4.9 of 5
Meet Some Of Our Affiliates

AutolikesIG Affiliate is full of opportunities that every affiliate marketer needs to get to the competitive edge. With the detailed client insights & precise earning analytics, one can effortlessly perform using this excellent user-generated engagement plan and increase these conversion rates

Sheila Boggs

Tremendous experience! Capable of growing your revenue with the prominent feature for effortless enrollment and client curation. Also, it improved the traffic almost X10 times better. Affordable, customizable, 24X7 customer service and smooth user interface

Danielle Crotts
Content Specialist/ Editor

With a well-designed, super easy interface, AutolikesIG Affiliate offers nearly every feature one could ask for. By opening the doors to Affiliate Networks Tracking & Reporting, AutolikesIG Affiliate has a good idea of what an affiliate marketer is searching for. In today's business world, AutolikesIG Affiliate is a must-have tool

Kathleen C. Morris
Social Media Expert
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