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50-60 Auto Likes
$ 3.49
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
100-120 Auto Likes
$ 4.29
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
200-250 Auto Likes
$ 6.99
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
320-370 Auto Likes
$ 9.99
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
450-550 Auto Likes
$ 12.99
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
1k-1.2k Auto Likes
$ 28.99
  • Up to 3 posts per day
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  • Free Video Views
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Instagram Impressions and Reach

Our service also gives Impressions and Visits/Reach. Login to your dashboard to check it out.You can activate it with your Auto Instagram likes or you can subscribe only for Automatic Imrpressions.You can even buy Impressions for one post.

Instagram Story Views and Highlights

Our new dashboard comes with the option to subscribe for Automatic Story views to your next stories or get views only to your last Story or highlight!

Auto Likes and Views

Our Auto likes on Instagram service comes with free auto views on your video posts.You can activate it from your dashoard,you can set the speed for likes or views and many more.Don't wait,get your account now!

Instagram Automatic Likes Service Designed To Supercharge Your Instagram Presence!


Instagram is built around social interactions. The more interactions your profile has, the more popular it will be! Let’s face it, no one follows an Insta account with zero interaction, so how to turn that photo-party into a success-party?

Simple! Tap into the power of Auto Instagram Likes!

By buying Instagram auto likes, you can make your profile appear more successful, and in turn more appealing – must-have qualities for any business. When a profile has enough interactions, Instagram will label it as popular. Once a profile is popular, Instagram ranks it higher than other accounts which are less active, or out of action. This boost of Instagram gives your profile a broader reach, and in turn more likes and follows. If you want to grow your presence on Instagram, buy auto likes to raise the profile of your business.

Are you related to Automatic Viral ?

No,not at all.They are different company.You can call as more like Automatic Viral alternative

What are automatic instagram likes?

Automatic likes” it’s called the service we are offering, that will like your new posts within a few minutes from the time you upload it, fully automatically. The piece of code that runs in a script on our servers will check every 1-3 min your profile for a new post, and when it notices a new one, it will start the promotion to get likes and impressions and boost your engagement. It doesn’t matter if it is a Video post, a gallery type post, or a single Photo, we will add likes to it. Our service will also add views to video posts and Impressions on every post.

How Automatic Instagram likes works?

The system is composed of 2 parts of software,the “checking” module and the “promoting” module. Checking module will check periodically every few minutes all Instagram profiles, one by one, that are registered for the service. It will store your last post and when it notices a change, will scrape new post details, send them to “promoting” module and store it as “last post”.Then “promoting” module, will add your post to a network of active users that will see your post and engage. When your post gets the amount of engagement (Likes, Views, Impressions) that you purchase, module will stop running.

How long do auto likes take on instagram to show up?

Checking module will need 1-3 mins to “catch” your post and send it instantly for promotion. There it will need a few more mins to start seeing engagement to your post. Sometimes the network can be slow and you might notice a small delay. If the delay gets more than 30 mins, please report it to our support.

How to set up automatic likes on instagram?
  1. Register on our Dashboard and log in with your account.
  2. Go to Auto Subscriptions -> New Subscription and select your package.
  3. Add your Instagram username and confirm that it’s the correct one.
  4. Set up your Randomizer settings (different amount or likes in every post), Set up your likes speed settings (Split Options) and activate Automatic views and/or Impressions (optional).
  5. Click on Proceed and Buy to complete the payment.
  6. Automatic likes will be set up and active!

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How to get more likes on instagram for older posts?

Try out our  Instagram likes service for some extra boost to your older posts with safe and secure methods!You can Buy 50 Instagram Likes to test the service for only $1!


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Perks Of Grabbing Auto likes For Your Posts!


Reputability: We provide real likes for your Instagram posts, increasing your credibility. You want a strong, visible brand identity for your business, don’t you? The more popular your business appears on Instagram, the more familiar and recognizable it will become to potential customers.


Popularity: The more likes your posts have, the more popular your profile is, and the more likely you are to gain organic likes and followers. The organic traffic directed to your post will comprise followers who will be interested in your industry and are more likely to be long-term supporters.

Time Management: By leaving this to us, you can concentrate on other aspects of running your business. You have your own life too – we can be working on your posts while you catch up on sleep. Your business can grow, and you don’t even have to do anything!



Money-saving: Advertising your business and getting its name out there costs money, but it works. That’s why so many companies use Instagram and other social media sites as part of their strategy. Instead, buying auto likes can be a more cost-effective way of raising your business’s profile – and you guarantee yourself more likes in the process.


What Makes Us Different From Others?


Security: Your privacy and safety are of the utmost importance to us. We know you care about the privacy and security of your Instagram account, so we will never share your details with anyone else, and we will only use your information to deliver the service, as promised. Your details are entirely safe with us. If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Efficiency: You want your likes without delay? No problem. New, exciting content is what Instagram is all about, and by sending your auto likes while your post is still fresh, we can get it noticed by organic users too. As your post gets likes in a short amount of time, it will encourage users to like it.

Ease of use: Are you tired of buying likes every time you post something new on Instagram? With our auto likes, you do not have to worry about it. Whenever you create a new post, we ensure that you get the ultimate exposure it deserves. Running a business can be time-consuming, and this is one way to infuse simplicity into your business.

Knowledge: We know what social media is all about. Collectively, our team has accumulated a great deal of experience in what makes a successful business on social media. We’ve been tried and trusted by many clients – why go for another company that is less established? If you buy our auto likes, you know just what you’re getting. We do not use any harmful practices; everything is well within the Instagram terms and conditions. There is no any chance to getting your account blocked by Instagram.