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Is it safe to buy Automatic Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, or impressions?

Yes absolutely! With AutoLikes IG, you do not have to worry about anything. Instagram cannot take any action against you if you buy automatic Instagram likes and comments. Also, we do not charge anything extra than we are supposed to.

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What does AutoLikes IG do?

AutoLikes IG is a software that enables you to buy automatic Instagram likes and views services in a 100% affordable and safe way.

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Comprehensive Services
What are the services of AutoLikes IG?

AutoLikes IG provides you the services that have the potential to boost your Instagram page. We have instant and organic likes, comments, views, impressions, and followers. We strive for you to reach as many eyeballs as you desire.

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How Do We Do It!
How can AutoLikes IG get you the real engagement boosts?

AutoLikes IG believes in providing true Instagram engagement to its users. And to do that, we use Instagram automated likes and views to engage with other Instagram users. So that they can notice your profile, in this way, we influence them to revert the same for you.

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Ultra Safe
Do I need to provide my Instagram credentials?

Not at all! Our services are totally safe and user-friendly. We do not ask for any Instagram password or OTP or anything that can get you into trouble. You only need to provide us with your Instagram handle username or URL that leads to it. That’s it!

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What should I do if my service is not delivered even after placing the order?

First off, check if your IG account is set to public or not. If your account is not public, then turn it public as soon as possible. But if you keep facing the issue regardless of having a public account, then you can contact us by clicking on Support. Type your query in the given query box. And if your query does not get the response you wanted, you can also raise a ticket.

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Effortless Petition
What should I do if I accidentally placed an order for the wrong service?

You can raise a ticket on Support. Our technical team will get back to you as soon as you raise the ticket.

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Comprehensive Assistance
What should I do if the money has been deducted from my account and the order still shows me the buy now option?

Refresh your page and wait for a few minutes. If the issue still persists, raise a ticket on Support. Our technical team will get back to you as soon as you raise the ticket. Also, we have a feature where you can track the status of your ticket.

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Upscaled Amenity
Do I need to follow anyone to have followers?

No. You do not have to follow people around to get real followers. You just have to order your service and sit back! We will do the rest.

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Excellent Trails
Do you offer free service?

Yes! We do provide a one-time free offer of 50 free Instagram followers, 100 free Instagram likes, and 100 free views. You can choose which service you want to receive. You only have to lend us your Instagram username, and your next post will receive ample of our free service.

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Top-Notch Experience
Are my follows, likes, comments, impressions, views, and saves permanent or will I lose them after unsubscribing the service?

No! You will never lose your engagement count even after unsubscribing to our service. The services you get from AutoLikes IG are permanent, and you only have to worry about publishing quality posts because we have your back forever!

Immediate Assistance
What if I see some discrepancies in the number of follows, likes, comments, saves, views, or impressionsafter the completion of the order?

Well! It usually doesn’t happen, but if it does, you need to write back immediately after the completion of the service. The discrepancy in your service will be totally taken care of by our technical support team.

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Have It All!
What should I do if I have a specific request or my IG account?

We do have a feature where we entertain specific requests from our users. You need to subscribe to ‘Auto Likes + Views’ to have this service. This service is inclusive of all engagement factors, and you can choose whichever service you want in an affordable range.

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Refund Policy
What should I do to get a refund?

The user has to contact our Support and raise a ticket. Or they can also send an email regarding the refund request. As per our new refund policy, users can reach out to us even after they have received their orders. They only have to make sure that they file the request within 30 days from the zero hour. And, we will process the request as soon as the user reaches out to us.

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No Major Ties
Can I unsubscribe or cancel my account?

Yes, you can unsubscribe to your service wherever you want. But, your account will still be active. In case you unsubscribe before the completion of your service validity duration. After that, your account will get frozen, and you have to renew your subscription.

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Secure payments
What payment methods AutoLikes IG accepts?

We are accepting all major cards through our payment gateway ‘Chargebee’, a worldwide sustainable payment gateway that keeps all your online payment worries at bay.

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Comprehensive Comfort
Do I need to keep my IG account public the whole time I have a subscription?

No, you only need to keep your IG account public when you have ordered the service or when you are about to publish new posts or stories. You can turn back on private mode after the completion of the service session.

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Hassle Free Service
I accidentally set my account to private during service delivery. Am I going to face any consequences?

There are no consequences for turning your IG account private. Just that AutoLikes IG will no longer be able to fetch new posts in that duration, your subscription will not get paused or cancelled, but the software will not be able to deliver your order.

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Hassle Free Service
If yes, then how can I rectify the issue?

Simply turn your IG account to public and wait for some time. Once you are public, the software will fetch the data and deliver your order as soon as possible.

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Ultra Convenience
Why should I pursue AutoLikes IG?

AutoLikes IG has helped so many Instagrammers to get the engagement boost they desire. Instagram is no longer a social site! It has become a social signature where your followers, likes, and comment counts judge your influence on your followers. And our little assistance can get you a big red carpet of popularity.

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We Have Worked With Various Social Figures

From an Instagram influencer to celebrities, politicians, government officials, artists, and many more! So, it is time that you start using Auto Likes Instagram for better reach on the platform.

AutoLikes IG can be your trusted Instagram engagement service! Hop in and join the tribe via one purchase.