Unsubscribe for Auto-Renew

If you want to pay only one time or unsubscribe from automatic renewal of your service,you can do anything from the 3 options below:

1. Click the button below and unsubscribe…

2. Do it manually from your Paypal profile… Click here to learn more
Click here and contact us to let us know and we will do it for you!By unsubscribing from our service auto renewal means that you will get your likes for the duration you pay(1 day,1 week,15 days or 1 month) and when this time passed we will stop sending auto likes to your new posts.You will GET auto likes for the time you pay once.

If Paypal had already deduct money for your next subscription period and you don’t want it,please don’t make another post and contact with us to give you a refund