Instagram Latest changes/updates and our service

Instagram Latest changes/updates and our service

Hello again,

as you know there are daily blocks from Instagram, Auto likes and single likes are not working in some cases(almost 50%  right now) and this has affect everyone(many providers stopped accepting new orders).
In order to fix this issue, we decided to build everything again from scratch. We will use a temporary database of profiles for sending likes until we have complete the new system, that is as much stable as it gets considering the whole Instagram likes market situation.
In this temporary period, we would like to ask you to avoid posting some days when this is possible. Also we will restrict the daily posts to 2 per 24 hours to keep the need for likes lower than usual and protect the  profiles from blocks. This will benefit all our clients.
Orders of Auto likes for up to 500 likes will work better the next hours. Orders for more will face issues more often(delay until start, very slow delivery speed). This happens because the pool of profiles in database right now is less than what it needs to deliver 1000+ likes and with blocks it takes time to have the profile back and ready to like again. For these users we will continue to try and find a temporary solution that it works faster.
Since we cannot set a deadline until the end of changes, we are not in position  to give you a correct timeframe at the moment (can take up to 1 month for new system, few days for system for 1000+ orders, within 24 hours for orders for <1000 likes) and therefore we want to tell you that you can contact us anytime and send us your Paypal email and ask for a refund. We will cancel your subscription and refund you for the last week and the remaining days of your plan.

Thank you very much for your support, we will do our bests to have a new and better system ready asap.

Warm regards,
Proceed Interactive Marketing Group LTD. Team

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