To get impressions,you will have to create a free account in our dashboard,login and select either Auto Impressions for next posts or One time order for previous posts.


Tip 1: If you have active subscription for Automatic Likes,you can activate impressions for your next posts for free,from your dashboard settings.


Tip 2: If you have active subscription for Automatic Likes or Story Views or Impressions,you can get the cheapest rates for Instagram likes,only $1 per 1000.

Buy Instagram impressions

Here at, we try to automate everything to save you time, and that’s why we launched the new service for Automatic Instagram Impressions. Our service includes Impressions/profile visits or Photo and Video reach. But first some meanings:

Instagram Impressions are the metric that shows you how many times your post has appeared.

Instagram Reach is the metric that shows you the number of unique users who visited your profile and saw your posts.

And Profile visits is the metric that can show you how many views/visits your profile has.

What options do we offer for Impressions

Automatic Instagram Impressions


Our system can work with Automatic impressions for your next posts. Namely, your profile will be checked every 1-2 mins by us, and when you make a photo or video post, it will promote your new post until you reach the number of impressions that you choose.

This service is subscription based, but it can be canceled at any time you wish.





  • 100 Auto Impressions per post – Start at $0.5/day – up to 7 posts/day
  • 500 Auto Impressions per post – Start at $0.5/day – up to 7 posts/day
  • 1000 Auto Impressions per post – Start at $1/day – up to 7 posts/day
  • 5000 Auto Impressions per post – Start at $2/day – up to 7 posts/day

You can subscribe for one day, one week or one month.You can find all the options in your dashboard . Click here to register and check out all Automatic packages.

Single Instagram Impressions


You can also get Impressions for previous posts, with a one-time payment. For checking out this service, you will have to create a free account for our Dashboard and check the “Quick Order – One Time Payment” section. For more details and screens scroll down.




  • 100 Impressions – $2
  • 500 Impressions – $5
  • 1000 Impressions – $10
  • 5000 Impressions – $25
  • 10000 Impressions – $35


All packages above are for one-time payments and not subscriptions. Also, you can split the package to more than one post. Take a look at “How to order” section below.

How to order Impressions for Instagram

First of all create your free dashboard account.Click here to go to registration page and sign up.


Dashboard Registration -


Use a valid email; the process will require verification via email!

After you complete your registration,check your email for your link and then you can login. Your dashboard interface should look like this :


Dashboard Interface -


Here you have 2 options (actually 3 but for the 3rd one I will inform you later), you can select the “Quick Order – One Time Payment” or the “Automatic Subscriptions.“ If you go with the Automatic subscription, you can click to Auto Impressions and select one of the available packages :


Buy Auto Impressions-


After you select a package and cycle (usually monthly gives you a discount), add your Instagram username and complete checkout. Then you can go to the dashboard and check out your settings. To do this, you will go to Auto Subscriptions -> My Subscriptions and click on settings on your Auto Impressions sub that will come up.


Settings of Auto Impressions 1 of 3 -


Next screen will look like this one, and this is the interface you can change your settings:


Settings of Auto Impressions 2 of 3 -


You can Enable/Disable Impressions for next post, you can set it to send you a random number of Impressions on future posts, you can add a delay before the start, or you can set the delivery speed by pressing on “Settings” on the top left.


Quick Tip: As you can see how your posts appear on the screen, you can click “Add” on any and add more likes/comments/views/impressions. More specific, for adding likes you will get one of the cheapest prices in the market, only $1 for 1000 likes.


Settings of Auto Impressions 3 of 3 -


You can select any of the Recommended options, or you can choose your custom timing settings, by selecting the number of impressions to be sent in every time interval (5 mins – 4 hours).


By selecting the “Quick Order – One Time Payment” route and click on Get Impressions you will see these packages :


Get Instagram Impressions packages -


After you select your package, you will need to submit your Instagram username and confirm.


Select which posts will get Impressions -


Then it will show you your posts, where you can select which posts will get the Impressions from your package. You will notice a bar on the top that will tell you how many posts you can choose and how many impressions will receive each.

Then you can click on “Place Order” and check out!



That’s all, and I hope you find it easy. If you face any difficulties, don’t hesitate, drop us a line from our Contact Form.